17 A Vernis Martin Cabinet by Epstein ASX

Vernis Martin Display Cabinet by H & L Epstein

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Product Description

For sale is a very good quality Vernis Martin Cabinet made by H & L Epstein. The cabinet has highly decorative ormolu mount sand opens to reveal two adjustable glass shelves. The cabinet is in very good condition and was made during the 1960’s.

Width 23.5″ Depth 14″ Height 62″

Epstein furniture was originally founded in East London by Polish immigrants in the 1890s. The firm passed to brothers Harry and Lou Epstein and the pair turned their attention to the production of Art Deco forms from the 1930s until the 1950s.Finished to high standards, most pieces were custom-made in veneers of burr maple, sycamore or walnut. The design of the famous ‘cloud’ seat furniture is credited to Epstein and the company also popularized the uniquely British taste in suite furniture. Following World War II, Epstein had showrooms in London, Manchester and Glasgow. A conservative Art Deco style became the company`s trademark after the war and most pieces were made from bleached walnut. Art Deco pieces are not signed. From the 1960s, some pieces were labelled ‘H. & L. Epstein’ or ‘Epstein & Goldman’.

Price : £795.00

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